VCare’s Hair Transplantation Ensures To Completely Reverse Baldness

New Delhi (India), January 19: Activated Follicular Transplant (AFT) is a unique patented trademark hair transplantation procedure offered at VCare. It ensures to reverse of baldness and gives people with baldness new hope.

The advanced implantation procedure allows for regaining more voluminous and natural hair growth.

This modernised hair transplantation procedure can offer a permanent solution for different kinds of baldness. Some of those would be treating male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

The transplant procedure is safe and is known to have brought guaranteed and proven results.

Along with that, some more benefits of hair transplantation would be that it has a minimal risk of scarring as the hair transplantation procedure uses FDA-Approved implanters. In addition, using these implanters makes hair placement more precise and leaves no space for any incisions.

Most importantly, the implanters used in this treatment offer depth and direct hair implantation. This, in turn, assures maximum hair density with a natural look for people suffering from baldness.

For the hair transplant procedure, they extract healthy hair follicles from the back of your head and implant them in the bald region. And with VCare’s advanced implanters, scalp healing is faster.

The procedure requires no downtime. Also, the hair implanters that are used at VCare are for a single purpose only. So, one need not worry about being infected as it has little to no complications.

At Vcare, they offer a holistic approach to their Hair transplant (AFT) treatment.

Also, in comparison to FUE and FUT, VCare’s hair transplant procedure is unique as this is minimally invasive. There’s no need for stitches. In addition to that, there will be no scars to be seen.

On the whole, the hair transplant treatment will have natural results painlessly.

VCare, South India’s No.1 hair and skin clinic, has gained people’s trust over the years with its world-class treatments and advanced techniques to cure hair and skin-related issues.

Mrs Carolin Praba Reddy is currently leading VCare as the Chairperson and MD of the company. She is the first certified Trichologist in South India. A woman who began her career as a teacher worked hard to make VCare into a well-established Hair and Skin Clinic.

Also, Mrs Praba Reddy was certified as the 6th Trichologist in India. She has even won the Women Entrepreneur Achievers Award.

At VCare, they make sure to diagnose the issue and suggest some of their effective products bring out the best results and make sure that they are suitable for the clients.

Specific advanced treatments at VCare offer a few supplements and homecare products that are required in order to get quick yet natural results.

Vcare does not only cover hair problems and their treatments. It also treats and explores different fields, such as skin care treatments, hair Care treatments, Hair Transplantation, Research & Development, Advanced Diagnostics, Manufacturing, Distribution, etc.

As their primary aim is to please and satisfy their clients, every venture they started has been an enormous success.

In the year 2015, Vcare group crossed the historic “100 crores” turnover mark. In addition, VCare hair and skin clinics have established their presence across South India, such as in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Telangana, with over 50+ Clinics.

If you want to get your hair and skin issues sorted, then VCare can be an ideal choice. So stop worrying about your baldness, and get that hair today!

You can contact them at +91 8220907070 for consultations on hair and skin concerns.

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