VCQRU, Leading and Most Trusted IT Company in Anti-counterfeit and Building Loyalty Services

VCQRU, Leading and Most Trusted IT company

December 1: The world is evolving at a gathered pace and so are Human, in times of growing Industrialisation and competition in markets, consumers are falling prey to the circulation of duplicate products, WHO reports 1500 cases of counterfeit products. Duplicity is one of the major complications faced by mainly manufacturing companies. Ministry of Health notifies that the counterfeit medical product “DYSPORT,” circulating in the World Health Organisation region, is used to treat cases resulting from muscle disorder, as it is used to treat symptoms of cervical dystonia, wrinkle lines, and spasticity. Counterfeits affect trust for your brand and revenues, it can take away even the most loyal customers from your business.

The government has made it mandatory to use QR codes on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) used in medicines which will be in action from January 1, 2023. The Union health ministry reportedly said that “The usage of QR Codes will significantly improve the efficiency of the healthcare system by enabling both patients and healthcare professionals to swiftly access information. QR Codes can help the industry in keeping pace with technological advancements, as they can improve patient care and health outcomes.” The purpose of QR codes is not only to identify counterfeit pharmaceutical products but also to call upon products with quality issues. VCQRU is the most trusted platform in India that provides one-stop solutions for Anti-counterfeit, Loyalty Schemes, Brand Protection, and E-warranty with help of dynamic QR Codes. VCQRU has come up with the best Anti-counterfeit solution to tackle the duplicity of products. VCQRU is the platform dedicated to protecting consumers in the global economy by delivering end-to-end security solutions.

Rakesh Kumar, Founder & CEO of VCQRU says, “We are working with 18+ domains FMCG, cosmetic industry, Auto parts, Agro, Packaging, Liquor, Pharma, Government, Tobacco and Health Supplements, across India. VCQRU is dedicated to transform the way sheer product reaches customers. VCQRU has a wide range of clientele from cities to districts to villages.” he added. In the last one year, the company has witnessed exponential growth in very terms be it finances, the number of employees or increasing clients. People in every corner of the country are using our services in one way or other. The company’s sales have increased over the period of time, tracking down the last 3 quarters, revenue has grown from 1x in 1st quarter, 2x in 2nd quarter to 3x in 3rd quarter. The company practices open culture, where every member has freedom to do innovative things, people are learning and building their careers.

VCQRU, owned by VCQRU Private Ltd. had been working on this solution since 2005. VCQRU has exceptionally revolutionized the supply chain, by developing a solution that makes the product packaging smart and thus connecting manufacturers directly to their customers, providing benefits like authenticity verification, customer loyalty, etc. Such platforms can serve as common grounds for the manufacturers and brand owners to connect in terms of customer feedback, customer care interaction, notification of any product launch, run a special offer in the background resulting in increased sales.

VCQRU provides brand protection solutions & strategic advice designed to secure your products and brands from counterfeiters through dynamic QR codes. Almost every sector from consumer and luxury goods to pharma, automotive, and defense is affected by Counterfeiting it has become a serious threat, globally. The company offers Anti- Counterfeit Solutions, cash transfer which includes direct credit of cash to their virtual wallet or bank account, E-Warranty Solutions, Loyalty programs, Smart Labels and Gift Coupons, Secure Track and Trace, website design and development, digital marketing, and many more in almost all the sectors including.

Rakesh Kumar says, “Anti-counterfeit solutions, Loyalty Schemes through dynamic QR Codes are gaining popularity day by day among manufacturers as well as end consumers.”

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